Alexander Easaw

I remember during the initial day of the demo I must have been the biggest skeptic in the room, but now I am a big advocator of this program.
It is simple, practical and an ingenious way to improve your memory and learning habits. Immediately after the course, I was able to memorize a 20 digit long number in under a minute which I thought was never possible. And within 45 days, I was able to memorize picture-perfectly the first 30 pages of a magazine in just 5-6 hours.
The techniques and the team have also helped me in the strategic, managerial and operational aspects of my life to help me achieve my goals.
But my biggest learning has been from my mentor and the team who have helped me identify my limiting beliefs and have the confidence to get what I want.
It helped me to think bigger, challenge and push myself outside my comfort zone, manage my distractions and time.
The transition was a bit uncomfortable but I have now moved on to a different and challenging role in my organization which is almost entrepreneurial in nature. And this is only the beginning!
Thanks to my mentor.

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