Alfred Chan

I am a current MSc Nutrition student in UCL. When I was studying for my bachelor degree I spent a lot of time studying and preparing for my exams but I wasn’t able to retain the information a few days after the exam. I decided to take the course to prepare for my master course wanting to put the learnt information into long-term memory. 

I found the Genius in 21 Days course super useful. I now manage to spend less time studying but I am able to remember information a long time afterwards. My exam results during my MSc Nutrition gradually improved and I got a distinction in my latest module! Studying has been more fun since applying the techniques as it allows me to bring my creative side out and I enjoy it so much that I spend more time studying than I did whilst I was studying for my bachelor degree. I loved reading when I was younger but when I got older I didn’t read as much as I found reading takes a lot of my time. After the course, my reading speed increased a lot after using the techniques they taught. I went from spending a month to read a book during my spare time to now spending less than a week to read a book leisurely. It really helped me to find my passion for reading again and I have read many more books since then.

Since taking the course the greatest change for me has been the ability to find solutions whilst dealing with negative emotions. I used to dwell and pity myself when things didn’t go well but nowadays when things go wrong, I am much quicker to switch into a proactive state where I can solve the problem in front of me. For example, there was a time during my master’s degree when there was an unfair allocation of dissertation projects, instead of feeling angry and sorry for myself I managed to email my professors and tutors and quickly found a new project to work with which I became super happy about again. 

I have grown so much during these past months, I am now more confident and more determined to go out and pursue my dreams. I would love to create a website where I can share my knowledge and experience in nutrition with others and it would be amazing to have the opportunity to be a health consultant where I can help many people achieve better health. 

I would like to thank all the mentors in Genius in 21 Days who have been the most supportive throughout the entire time. Their passion and their stories have touched and impacted not only me but many others as well to not only want to improve ourselves but to do more and help other people achieve greatness as well.

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