Carol Armah

I am a recent graduate and Faculty intern of a University in Ghana.

I usually thought of myself as a great public speaker until I did a public speaking competition in 2018 and forgot my speech in the middle. 

I decided to take Genius in 21 Days because I wanted to improve my learning generally as well as my ability to address a crowd.

Two weeks after my course session, my Mentor Yaw Adom guided me to plan, organize and write  a speech for a competition, that would brand me as one of the most professionally outstanding students in my university. I memorized every word of my 402-word speech and as an icing on the cake, I memorized a 50-digit number. A sequence of numbers I planned to recall in order from memory as a mic-drop. 

My mic-drop worked, as the end of my speech was met with a standing ovation throughout the auditorium. To many other students, after my name was mentioned as the Gold medalist for the competition, I had indeed become one of the outstanding students in school due to competitiveness of the process. 

Shortly after, I began to use the techniques to study for my courses. My grades also began to burgeon and improved from a grade point average of a 3.3 to a 3.78, as my Mentor helped me improve my consistency, memory and internalization skills. 

In hindsight Genius in 21 Days was my best 2019 decision.

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