Chet Chung

I signed up for the Genius in 21 Days course after attending a webinar where Zachin, one of the mentors, memorized and recalled 20 random words forwards and backwards effortlessly – while blindfolded! And after just 3 days of the initial Genius training bootcamp, I learned how to memorize not only 20 random words but also the first 40 digits of Pi.

As a shaman (life coach)-in-training, I went into the Genius course hoping these new learning techniques could help to boost my rate and depth of understanding of my coaching training study materials. Before the course, I’d only managed to get through 20 hours of study material over the course of a month. But with thorough guidance from my super-mentor Yaw, I zipped through another 20 hours of material in under 2 weeks and I was able to take in and recall my training knowledge much more effectively. At this rate, I’ll be able to complete a training program that usually takes at least half a year to finish in less than 2 months. These advanced learning techniques have also changed the way I take notes in my coaching sessions with clients and helped me to quickly remember personal information about my clients.

Above all, what I have found most surprising and meaningful on this journey of Genius is the community of similarly open-minded people who are driven by a pure desire to not only learn but also learn how to get better at learning. It’s been both refreshing and motivating to be able to meet people from all walks of life and corners of the world and converge on a shared passion for cultivating the power of our minds. I have rarely come across a group of individuals who are so genuinely and generously diligent in supporting one another’s growth. For anyone looking to surround themselves with curious, insightful, and unselfish people, I highly recommend you check out Genius in 21 Days.

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