Emma Allsop

Genius in 21 Days has had the most positive impact on my life. The number of benefits it can bring to an individual is innumerable. I signed up to the course thinking it would teach me some learning techniques; how best to study and the proper way to use Mind maps as well as some speed reading techniques. But it gave me so, so much more. Not only does it cover the physical studying techniques, but it also introduces you to the emotional side of learning and understanding how big a role that plays in achieving the desired results. I can truly say that I have grown as a person because of this.

My partner had already taken the course and had told me great things about it. I also saw so much development in him and I thought that it could also help me. I am currently a teacher so thought that some of the strategies would be useful in the classroom and I am looking forward to trying some of them out with the children, but I am also going back to university to complete a Masters degree so I knew that this course would be beneficial for aiding me in that.
Genius in 21 Days is brilliant in the sense that it is suitable for all ages and abilities and you can take from it what you need. Different aspects and concepts will resonate with different people depending on their background and what they want to get out of it. It truly is for everyone and caters for everyone’s needs and skills.

After taking the course, you are entitled to several mentoring sessions. At these I set my goals and targets with my mentor and am proud to say that I not only achieved them, but also surpassed them. I got further than I ever imagined. One of my challenges was to learn some British Sign Language as it’s always something I’ve had an interest in. Not only did I learn my target number of words per month, but I was also able to video myself signing a short video which I then sent to a deaf friend. Another result which I am delighted with is my self-confidence has grown as a direct result of the course. In particular my confidence in working with numbers. My speed of memorising numbers and making connections has greatly improved. Just through a little practice and being in the right state of mind.
The mentors are all so encouraging and friendly and are there to help. They share all nuggets of information with you and are able to help and inspire whatever your goals may be. They are on your side and certainly give their all to help you. You are certainly in good hands!

Although you may think you are signing up for an Advanced Learning course, I can guarantee that you will get so much more than that. This course has given so much to me and I can’t recommend it enough! There is always something to improve on or something new to learn and Genius in 21 Days is a course which will make it not only possible, but also enjoyable.

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