Jade Cheung

I took the genius in 21 days course out of curiosity following a presentation from one of the members of the team. I was in for a surprise as I think that whilst I had no particular goal in mind, it changed my life. I work full time in an investment bank and I was able to study a bit short of 5000 words of Spanish in my spare time within the space of 3 months and achieved a B2 level at the SIELE examination board. I read faster and can memorise the contents of non-fiction books that I always wanted to read but never started. Furthermore, at a personal level, it has helped me as I love travelling to far-flung places around the world and I use the techniques for both languages and names and faces to create a better connection with the people I meet. Most importantly, I think the course has empowered me with a feeling that “I can” so I recommend it to anyone who has a growth mindset.

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