Łukasz Kowalik

My name is Łukasz, I am an Affiliate Manager by profession. I have always been interested in self improvement, and at the beginning of 2019, I decided to learn a new foreign language from scratch, and completely change my career by breaking into the project management field.

The Russian language became my new study subject, and I found out that, in order for me to get into the project management field, I would have to pass the Prince2 qualification exam.
Juggling study assignments for both the Russian Language Course and the Project Management Course became a challenge in itself, therefore I started looking for possible ways of shortening my study time and at the same time retaining more information from the time spent studying those topics.
Miraculously, Genius 21 came to the rescue; it not only provided me with the tools and actionable strategies that lead to a boost in my reading speed, but they also helped improve my memorisation process, and proved to be invaluable in organizing the acquired knowledge in a simple, logical way.

In a mere two weeks, I managed to complete half of the project management syllabus while working two different jobs and studying Russian at the same time. Those are the results that I would not have dreamed of achieving before, due to my busy schedule and lack of tools that could aid the process.
Genius in 21 Days had a dramatic impact on my life. After the course my job prospects improved drastically, I am now reading 2x faster than before while maintaining a high comprehension level. The tools that I mastered during the course are helping me learn any topic in record time, freeing up a lot of time for other activities.

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