Marco Gregotti

We signed up to Genius in 21 Days as a family – my wife and I and our 2 children aged 11 and 14.
The course was an eye opener, not just for us parents but especially for the children. They had a preview of what they could achieve in their life if they apply themselves to learning with consistency and discipline, an insight into their own potential.

As part of the course our 14 year old son Francesco was paired with a mentor, to help him build on the techniques in preparation for his GCSE exams.

His mentor has an incredible ability to connect with people, to understand what motivates them and makes them click.. and the relationship that he quickly built with Francesco was no different. They leveraged the work done on mind maps to start structuring the entire revision course from year 10. 
When scheduling did not allow a face to face mentoring session, he and our son organised Skype sessions which seemed to be equally productive.

After the mentoring sessions my wife and I observed our son’s approach to his revision becoming progressively more methodical and structured whilst displaying an increasingly strong determination and dedication to learning. 

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