Mikhail Volodchenko

I came to this course primarily to explore and find ways to improve memory – both short-term and long term, reading speed and understanding material, remembering names and ways I could start learning French.

The course has not only met my objectives above but also added new dimension as to how I analyse and interpret data, manage my time as well as a very helpful public speaking tips and techniques. 
Using memory techniques, I have managed to memorise 700 French words in 28 days. 
I use mind maps during meetings or when reading research to better visualise what has been said and it’s much easier to go back and recollect all the broad topics as well as the details instead of using old technique of unorganised bullet points which were bland and disorganised.

I also intend to use the techniques that I have learnt to memorise names and  faces during meetings. 
With respect to time management I am better at focusing on task at hand and finishing it rather then try to multi-task and ultimately not conclude any of tasks in time.

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