Mohammad Rehman

I specialise in implementing and maintaining HR and Payroll systems.  I currently work for a leading university in London.
I was attracted to the Genius in 21 Days course because it offered techniques to improve one’s memory as well as other learning and memory management tools.
I have always struggled to memorise lists or numbers.  This affected my academic studies as well as my performance at work.  

The Genius course provided me with an amazingly simple range of techniques to remember any list or number – even very long numbers that I never thought I had any hope of remembering!  I had never imagined that I would be able to memorise things so easily and recall them many days later. The memory management system that Genius has taught me helps me to do just that.
I also learned a technique to create powerful mind maps, which I am now using to plan my work, tasks and deadlines.  I had been using mind maps before, but this course teaches to make them in a much more powerful way which significantly increases their effectiveness.
I am currently undertaking a nine-hour speed reading course which is included in the price of the Genius in 21 days package.  I find that the techniques being taught are very powerful and I am confident that my reading speed will at least double while still maintaining my level of comprehension.

As if this was not enough, I find that the most useful part of the course are the mentoring sessions.  In most courses, the participants do not get to practice what they have learned and slowly over time, most of the learning is forgotten.  After the Genius in 21 Days course, a personal mentor is assigned to each participant. In one-to-one sessions, the mentors make sure that the techniques learned during the course are reviewed and practiced, so that they are properly understood and applied.  I have benefited tremendously from working with my mentor. She takes a keen interest in my progress with the techniques and offers handy tips and advice to get even more out of the course.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their memory and learning techniques.  This course is much more than a one-Off training session and can provide a life enhancing set of tools, techniques and concepts.

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