Simon Vincent Herald

When I first came to Genius in 21 Days, I was sceptic. I didn’t want to waste my money, as I am very careful with my spending.
I decided to attend the course because I wanted to improve my time management, speed reading and memory techniques. I believe that in an age of information overload, it is crucial to learn efficiently and manage yourself effectively.

My money was not wasted. Results after the course (so far) is that I started memorising any kind of information faster, like a 2 phone numbers in a row in less than 1 minute.
I became able to manage better my tasks and organising much my time, with the natural consequence that I reduced my level of stress but not only when I work but especially when I study I’m less distracted and I have improved my focus.

For an exam I needed to study for, I collected all the information in mind maps and used the techniques I learned to memorise all the information (5 mind maps) in about 10 minutes!
I double my reading speed. So what I could read in 1h, now I can do the same task in just 30 minutes. Which is a good starting point.
And in all of this with my mentor and my consistency I feeling more inspired, have a better level in my whole soft skills. The very fact that it cost money also incentivises you to be determined to make a change and adopt good habits. It incentivises you to practice the techniques.

I strongly suggest to take the Genius in 21 Days Course. I’m organising an event with my Chess Society in where the G21D trainers will speak about how to memorise and learn faster thanks to this method, and that’s a nice opportunity for lot of people to start using their mind in a different way, as so I did.
And this is just the beginning…

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