Soumia Hifdi

Hi,  I am a student at Middlesex University.

I got to know about Genius in 21 Days while I was in Italy and I  chose to take it because I was looking for a boost in my life to be able to achieve more goals in less time. 

The weekend course was simply brilliant, both in Italy and in London!  They delivered  the course amazingly and the techniques they offered proved to be very effective. However, the part that I loved the most is the opportunity to have a personal mentor. With that kind of support that guides you through the techniques and makes sure that you master them 100%, the process is extremely fast and motivating.

In fact, after taking the course, I finally decided to study Spanish, something that I had delayed for a while because of lack of time. With my greatest surprise, I was able to memorise 400 words in 10 days!

To make things even more exciting, reading books had always been painful, while now I can read 4 times faster, which for me is an incredible achievement. 

Moreover,  I was able to pass my IELTS exam with confidence and enthusiasm. This allowed me to have the courage to leave my job, enrol in university and find a new and better paid job which suits my new time schedule. I must say that I found that boost that I was looking for!! 

The course doesn’t only provide you with methods or techniques – which would be more than enough in themselves, but it also reminds you of how powerful your mind can be. This boosts your confidence, enthusiasm and creativity, which unlock the limits that you had put for yourself, allowing you to dream big and be less scared to take that uncomfortable step out of your comfort zone! 

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