Tarun Manchanda

Before taking Genius in 21 days, my confidence and motivation at work was very low and this also affected my personal life with my family and friends. I went into my shell in the office just to be able to concentrate on my tasks and very much looked as myself as an individual despite being part of a team. My work quality low and as I regarded myself as a perfectionist I could not see how I was going to achieve satisfaction which made me unhappy. I would try and do too much during weekends and evenings and found that I would get even more frustrated that I could not handle my responsibilities.

I decided to take the course to try and get my life back on track and thought that it would be helpful in enabling me to take some career related exams and also give me more confidence in my everyday life.
After the attending the 3 day course I immediately felt different and my mind became more free and energetic whilst my body language grew more open and positive. My stress levels dropped almost immediately and I started to engage more with the people at work and in my everyday life. I noticed some amazing results in the office as I looked for positive outcomes in every situation. I recently had a meeting with a difficult client which challenged me in many ways. I took the initiative, by using this positive mental attitude in order to mobilise and motivate other team members to deliver a great meeting for the client.
I am excited at the results so far and can’t wait to see how far I can go.

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