Toby Woode

My name is Tobias Ekow Woode but I prefer to be called Toby. I am currently a sophomore and management information systems major at Ashesi university. I consider myself a passionate Christian and an extroverted leader. As such, I find myself involved in a lot of public speaking competitions and events. I love to speak but I also like to analyse. With regards to analysis, I focus on data analysis, design thinking and various problems even amongst my friend groups. I love interacting with people, because I am truly fascinated by how diverse people are from myself and my thought process.

Personally, I chose to take the course for a number of reasons. Even though at the time I felt that I was pretty comfortable with where I was, I understood how much power and potential this course has to push you ahead in life. One of my dearest friends and frankly my role model at the time, motivated me to do the course because she felt that it would make a huge impact on my life. Her recommendation in combination with my own zeal to excel and succeed in all that I do might have been the turning point for me. After the demo of the course, I knew that regardless of how comfortable I am academically, socially, mentally and even emotionally, there is so much room for improvement. As such, I knew that this course could not only charter a path for me to improve in all these factors, but ultimately I felt it could help me become the best version of myself.

I can attribute so many of my successes thus far to the course or to some benefit I gained from the course. When I began the course, my reading speed was at 120 words per minute. Since then, my reading speed has increased almost 6-fold to 670 words per minute. Where previously, readings for class would take almost two hours, I often finish up readings in less than thirty minutes. I was motivated to read more books and I even read one of the harry potter books in just about eight hours (where previously it would have taken me a week and a half). The encouragement I received from the Genius in 21 days community was also a massive help, in terms of motivation to achieve some of my goals. One such goal was to memorise twenty bible verses in two weeks. However, due to the immense encouragement I got from my Mentor, I was capable of memorizing fifty bible verses in the space of two days. I went on to apply the long-term memory techniques to it, such that I can remember them months later, as and when I needed them. 

With regards to my academics, the course allowed me to improve immensely because I was now equipped with efficient techniques to understand and process information. This allowed me to get A’s in many of my courses along the way, as well as perfect scores on some of my tests. I was always a proficient public speaker, but for a specific competition, I decided to apply the memory technique, to memorise my entire presentation and I was capable of delivering it entirely without having to look on the slides behind me. Although I delivered the presentation, I worked with a team for that project and we placed 3rd in the competition out of several teams. We were also commended by the judges to have had the best delivered presentation. 

These are a few of the tangible results I have gained since taking the course. There are several other benefits I have gained, just for even being a part of the Genius team which I will cherish for as long as I am able. Genius has opened up my eyes to a world of possibilities. I feel like there is no limit to what I set my mind to. As such, my perspective on learning has completely changed. Because my reading speed, as well as my ability to understand information, has greatly improved, it takes far less time to learn things that I want to. It’s almost as though I have fallen in love with learning all over again. I hope to practise the techniques more and more, to the point where I may even become a Mentor at Genius in 21 Days UK. But for now, I feel hopeful and expectant for all the new challenges I will overcome along the way.

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