Tommaso Lucentini

In November 2011 I took the Genius in 21 days course in Italy because I wanted to graduate on time. Before taking the course I felt I needed to graduate as soon as possible in order to create some job experience before stepping into the business wordld. From that course I studied my exams with my new study method, the results were fascinating. In the first semester I managed to study more than 5 subjects in just 1 month. 

The time I have saved allowed me to create my first job consulting project for young graduates. I managed to graduate at the first possible session, ranking within the best 5% of my 400+ students class, considering the graduation time and mark.

In March 2016, I attended the course again,this time in London, the city in now live in, when the first UK Genius in 21 days branch was created. 
Before the course things were going great since I was managing on online community with 5k people and I was still giving job consultations to young people. But this time I wanted to raise the standards even more. At the time of writing, one year and a half after the course I attended in UK, I can definitely say Genius in 21 Days course exceeded my expectation, once again.

I am now managing an online community with over 20k members, I have been nominated as a Crowdsourcing ambassador from an international association operating in my work field and I managed to start one more side activity that I perform in my spare time.

What I can definitely say is that Genius in 21 Days course increased my confidence in hard and soft skills, in raising the bar and making me strongly believe that I can achieve anything I put myself to.

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