Vijay Chhaya

I attended the course last March and I was utterly blown away all of the presentations. I am a teacher and so I was very curious about the learning techniques they use here and was a little sceptical about the aims of the course. It didn’t last long though as the quality and thoughtfulness behind every aspect of the course was clear to see. I was able to memorise new words effectively. I could absorb information more efficiently through the mind-mapping technique. I could analyse new information faster and more thoroughly through the keyword technique. 

Above all, I was most impressed about the feeling of renewed vigour and motivation for chasing aspirations that was achieved by the end of the weekend course. On a more personal note, my mentor Jonathan, was so supporting and took no credit for organising a great event. He always delivered succinct mentoring sessions and has become quite the role model for me. He is a fantastic emblem of their brand and I’m really glad to have met him and every other member of the Genius in 21 Days team.

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